The best way to take care of your car or truck in East San Jose is to always use a Diamond certified auto repair. You need to know the mechanic that works on your car holds to the best standards in auto repair, has a very good knowledge about your vehicle and can accurately diagnose and fix the problems that come up. Diamond Certification will let you know that as soon as you see the sticker on the auto shop’s window.

Certified Auto Repair

Reliant Auto Repair has been a Diamond Certified auto repair shop since April of 2003. The Diamond Certified program has surveyed 172 of Reliant Auto Repair’s customers and found their customers rate their satisfaction with the company at nearly 100% and customer loyalty is roughly 92%. Clearly a few use several repair shops and smog stations.

Here are a few excerpts from the customers surveyed:

Rebecca A.:
“Their honesty is the best thing for me. I believe that the guy is trustworthy.”

Jatin B.:
“I like them because they are honest and they have reasonable prices.”

Duc C.:
“They are good and they are very helpful. They treat the customers very well.”

Karla C.:
“The service is great and fast. I liked everything, the service and everything was great.”

Rema R.:
“They are good. Go to them for their service. Their customer service is very good and they are very accommodating.”

Dee R.:
“They are very dependable, knowledgeable, courteous, and very reliable. The whole staff is very knowledgeable. Whenever I ask a question, they know the answer.”

Marijoo A.:
“They are very reliable and they don’t try to cheat you. The owner and the front guy are very dependable and trustworthy.”

Reliant Auto Repair

When it is time for your scheduled vehicle maintenance in East San Jose, do the smart thing and visit a shop that is certified auto repair, so you know you’re in good hands. Call Reliant Auto Repair for an appointment for repairs, maintenance and smog certifications.