An automobile is the most expensive item you will buy in your lifetime, second only to a home. Our lifestyle is intertwined with today’s vehicles, as daily activities become difficult without them. Cars are invaluable tools to modern civilization, and ensuring that they are in good shape makes life easy for you.

Your car comprises many complex components and systems, and one of these is the automatic transmission. Taking care of your car’s automatic transmission assures you a long and efficient life of your vehicle.

Tips for Maintaining Your Automatic Transmission

Knowing when and how to take care of your automatic transmission may be all that it takes to lengthen the useful life of your car. Your vehicle will operate at peak efficiency, and you will enjoy the drive anytime you take it for a spin.

Your transmission fluid should be inspected for its condition and level at specified intervals, according to your owner’s manual. For cars equipped with a transmission dipstick, park the vehicle on a level surface with the engine idling, pull out the dipstick, wipe it off, insert, wait for about a minute or two and pull it out again to get an accurate reading. Low-level transmission fluid could mean that you have a leak, and a high level could mean that your radiator may be compromised.

The condition of the transmission fluid is equally vital. It should be a bright pinkish-red, smell kind of sweet, and should be translucent in color. If your transmission fluid looks brown or black, smells burnt, or looks murky, you may have a failing transmission.

Ensure you change your transmission fluid with its exact replacement at intervals specified by the vehicle manufacturer. While at it, you can also proceed to change the transmission filter (if it is accessible). It may also be the opportunity to inspect and flush your cooling system.

You should take your vehicle to a professional service center for diagnosis and repair if you experience transmission failure symptoms. Bring it over to Reliant Auto Repair, as we would ensure that your car is diagnosed and repaired by our experts.