We are your repair shop for your Japanese cars. We specialize in Honda, Acura, Toyota and Lexus, but we repair American and European makes of cars, also.


ASE certified auto mechanics are on staff, so you can take comfort in the knowledge that your mechanic has been tested and certified to work on your vehicles.


Get your CA smog check for any make of car at Reliant Auto Repair. Our certified mechanics can make repairs to help you pass, should it be necessary.


We like to make our customers happy. In addition to the great customer service and auto repair skill, we have coupons and deals on our Deals Page for you.

NAPA Nationwide Warranty

Reliant Auto Repair now offers the NAPA Autocare 24 Months, 24,000 miles National Warranty.

Reliant Auto Repair is part of the NAPA AutoCare network of trusted, locally owned repair facilities.


At Reliant Auto Repair Service we specialize in Japanese makes of cars and trucks. If you own a Honda Acura or Toyota Lexus, we’re the mechanic you want to use.


At Reliant Auto Repair, we specialize in Japanese vehicles like Honda Acura or Toyota Lexus, but we also work on our customer’s European automobiles.


American makes and models of cars and trucks are welcome for repair at Reliant Auto Repair, in addition to the Japanese makes of Honda and Toyota.


“We make it a point to communicate with our customers and give them as much information as possible,” says Mr. Singh. “We believe in simple solutions—if a problem can be solved by fixing one small part, we’ll focus on that instead of changing everything related to the problem. Our customers really appreciate that type of honesty.”

Know When Crime is Happening Around Your Home

You can easily track crime in your neighborhood. This lets you know if there are break-ins nearby, if smash and grab is going on where you park your vehicle and if it isn’t safe to walk around in certain neighborhoods. Here is how to check the crime situation. See the...

Make the Driving Blind Spot Visible with this Trick

Those pesky blind spots on the sides of your vehicle cause a lot of accidents. Even for those who look over their shoulder before driving left, sometimes see what they expect to see – no car. Which is just as bad as not looking. So, here is a trick to making that...

100,000 Uber Drivers Can’t be Wrong

If you’re driving for Uber to pick up some extra cash and have light-hearted conversations with strangers, you’re not alone. There are about 100,000 Uber drivers in San Francisco supplementing their income. But after a while, you’ll get a little burned out on the job...

Why Not Just Give up the Car and Use Uber?

Owning a car isn’t cheap. You can buy a new car and the warranty will cover the expensive repairs, if a day comes when there is a breakdown or a part goes rogue. But then you’ll have all those car payments and the higher insurance rates. Maybe you should just give up...

See the Name of the Best Auto Insurance Company

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Car Maintenance Discounts at Reliant Auto Repair

Car maintenance discounts are always a welcome surprise. Reliant Auto Repair makes sure there are always several choices of vehicle repair and car maintenance savings coupons for you to save a little cash. Right now, this very minute, we have some fine coupons for you...

Signs That Pothole Damaged Your Vehicle

It happens all the time. Boom, clunk, you hit a pothole. Try as you might, you can’t always avoid the evil pothole. Sometimes they happen exactly where you need to drive. The worst of the potholes will do some damage that needs to be repaired. Here are some ways to...

The Super Easy Way to Remove Tar from Car Paint

There is a way to remove tar from your car’s paint that is so easy you won’t believe your eyes. It also seemingly melts away bug goo. And you probably have this product in your house already. Remove Tar from Car Paint That magical item that will remove the tar from...

Keep Your Car Battery in Tip Top Condition by Cleaning It Yourself

When your car battery is behaving a little sluggishly or giving you grief every time you try to start the car on a cold day, maybe a little maintenance is in order. Here are some steps to take to extend its life and prevent you from beating it to death with a wrench....

If Only You Could Buy Back Your Old Datsun

Back when the Datsun was known by Buy American Die-Hards as “Japanese wind-up cars,” many who owned them, loved them. A little car was a relatively new concept. The Datsun was fast and it could be parked in the most crowded of parking lots. If only you could go back...


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