We are your repair shop for your Japanese cars. We specialize in Honda, Acura, Toyota and Lexus, but we repair American and European makes of cars, also.


ASE certified auto mechanics are on staff, so you can take comfort in the knowledge that your mechanic has been tested and certified to work on your vehicles.


Get your CA smog check for any make of car at Reliant Auto Repair. Our certified mechanics can make repairs to help you pass, should it be necessary.


We like to make our customers happy. In addition to the great customer service and auto repair skill, we have coupons and deals on our Deals Page for you.


At Reliant Auto Repair Service we specialize in Japanese makes of cars and trucks. If you own a Honda Acura or Toyota Lexus, we’re the mechanic you want to use.


At Reliant Auto Repair, we specialize in Japanese vehicles like Honda Acura or Toyota Lexus, but we also work on our customer’s European automobiles.


American makes and models of cars and trucks are welcome for repair at Reliant Auto Repair, in addition to the Japanese makes of Honda and Toyota.


“We make it a point to communicate with our customers and give them as much information as possible,” says Mr. Singh. “We believe in simple solutions—if a problem can be solved by fixing one small part, we’ll focus on that instead of changing everything related to the problem. Our customers really appreciate that type of honesty.”

Free Smog History Report on Any Car in San Jose Area

A smog history is an important tool to keep track of how your car is doing. It is also very handy when shopping for a used car. You can obtain this report for free online. Smog History It doesn’t cost anything to get a smog history print out. All you have to do is log...

Car Washes in San Jose, CA

There are a lot of car washes in San Jose, CA, that are nearby. Here are some of your best choices. Car Wash San Jose CA Auto Pride Car Wash 3197 Silver Creek Rd San Jose, CA. 95121 Clean Wheels Silicon Valley is Permanently Closed 1080 N 7th St San Jose, CA. 95112...

Mechanic and Car Jokes for 2016

Your mechanic likely has the talent of a demigod, because, of course, you have your vehicles repaired at Reliant Auto Repair! But, not everyone has a great experience with their mechanic or with their car. It can be so bad that somebody writes a joke about them. Here...

Auto Repair is Best Done in Small Shops Instead of Dealerships

There are a multitude of complaints about auto repair at auto dealerships. There are times, though, when using a dealership for repair is the better choice for your car. Here is more information on when to use local, independent auto repair and when to take it to the...

What Squeaky Brakes Mean and What to Do About It

Squeaky brakes can drive a person mad. It is particularly annoying if you just had an expensive brake job only to press the brake pedal for the first time and hear a squeal. Here are some of the reasons your brakes are making a noise and what you can do about it....

Car AC Not Cold Fixes and Checks

Oh, no, the car AC is not cold! Now that the weather is warming up, you’re going to need your car’s air-conditioning. If it seems like it just isn’t as cold as it used to be, there might be some easy fixes. So, check a few of these items before you run to the auto...

Before Road Trip Maintenance Checks

When you’re planning to take a road trip with your car, there are some checks you should have your mechanic do. You want to make sure that your car is in tip top shape and isn’t likely to leave you stranded on the side of the road or worse. Here are some things that...

Transmission Slipping Problems and Signs

If your transmission is slipping then bigger trouble is about to arrive soon. Transmissions will start slipping before they break. It is just a matter of time. Know these signs so that you know if you need to get to the auto mechanic quickly to have them fix the minor...

Bureau of Automotive Repair Offers Smog Dispute Resolution

California’s Bureau of Automotive Repairs offers a resource to those challenging results of vehicle smog tests or claiming special circumstances in adhering to the state’s vehicle emissions policy. Bureau of Automotive Repair Referees The Bureau of Automotive Repairs...

Transmission Problems That Are Very Serious

No one likes to have a transmission issue that is going to cost them the big bucks. Some problems that you’ll have with the transmission are not that serious and others mean it is time to get a new one or have yours rebuilt. Here are some signs as to which are which....


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