Those pesky blind spots on the sides of your vehicle cause a lot of accidents. Even for those who look over their shoulder before driving left, sometimes see what they expect to see – no car. Which is just as bad as not looking. So, here is a trick to making that blind spot a nonissue from now on.

Get Rid of the Blind Spot

Every time you change lanes, whether it is to the left or right, you’ll need to see if another car is traveling in your blind spot. The blind spot is that small area that is just over your shoulder between mirrors. If you look over your shoulder, you’ll often see a car in that area that neither the rearview mirror or the sidemirror was showing.

The problem is that looking over your shoulder can be so routine that you’ll tend to see what you expect to see – no car in that spot. Then you’ll start to change lanes and the car becomes visible in the mirror, yikes! So, there needs to be a more reliable way to see cars that hang out too close and invisible in your blind spot.

The solution is to buy a blind spot mirror. The blind spot mirror is a small round mirror that attaches to your side mirror. It gives you a little more range so that you can see whatever is in your blind spot on either side of the vehicle.

A quick search on Amazon will bring up plenty of choices for blind spot mirrors. If you like to shop locally, O’Reilly Auto Parts has plenty of choices in stock. Pep Boy’s website says they don’t, but likely they do inside the local store as this is a very popular item.

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