It is best practice to ensure that your car engine is always in pristine working order to avoid the risk of the astronomical cost (in most cases) of engine replacement or repair.
Vehicle manufacturers design and manufacture their engines to run for as long as 200,000 miles with little or no problems. However, this is subject to complying with engine maintenance best practices. Such is vital to get the best performance and reliability from your car.

Use the Right Engine Oil Grade

Your car engine is designed to run on specific lubricating oils with particular viscosities and properties to assure optimum engine performance, good fuel economy, and minimal engine wear. When this is not respected, the result is accelerated engine wear. This wear is not immediate but will become evident over a long time. Please note that after prolonged use of such non-recommended oils, returning to factory specifications may cause more harm than good (for example, increased oil consumption).

Kind of Fuel Used

It is good to know the fuel octane rating your car requires. In regular gasoline has a RON of 87-89. This octane rating is not a problem for most passenger cars on our roads. However, for luxury and high-end performance cars that require (not recommend) Premium gasoline (with RON of 91 and above), there will be a problem with pre-ignition (spark knock), and after a while, will result in engine damage. It is vital you know the fuel requirement of any car before you purchase it to avoid high running costs or long-term engine damage.

Frequency of Oil Changes

I have the right oil. How often should I change it?

Although your car manual may provide the details, it is also good to establish your oil change interval (OCI). Mineral oils may need to be changed more frequently (usually 3000 miles). A synthetic oil change is at less frequent intervals. Most modern cars have maintenance-required warning lights. If yours has one, always reset it after every oil change.

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