Nissan Versa is an economy vehicle with a premium feel to it. The various features such as conveniently placed buttons for climate control, ample legroom in the front and rear, and a spacious boot makes it a great choice. But despite having several envelopes of surprises, the vehicle may have airbag problems.

Airbag Problems

The 2005 – 2012 Versa may have problematic passenger-side airbags. According to the recall description, the air generator may be faulty and can cause the release of metal fragments after activation, resulting in injuries.

Another reported issue was the abnormal deployment of passenger airbags. This was due to a faulty inflator propellant or a deteriorated propeller density, and a recall was issued.

Nissan Versa may also have an issue with the SRS Airbag warning light that comes on when driving, but you can clear out this problem independently.

To go about it, turn the ignition on without starting the engine, or press the start button twice without the brake pedal and closely observe the airbag light. The light will stay on momentarily, and when it starts to blink, instantly turn the ignition off. Wait for around three seconds, and then repeat the process about three times.

After this, the light will blink much slower when you turn the key on. Don’t be in a hurry and watch it a bit. Now turn the key off and give it a few more seconds before turning it back on. Finally, turn the ignition off and start the engine. The light should be off.

It is always best to contact the dealer immediately if your vehicle is affected by a recall. And while at it, ask for more information and don’t wait to take action.

If you buy it as pre-owned, check online for recalls affecting the model year, and inquire whether the problem was fixed on the particular unit. Don’t take their word for it. Check.