If you’re driving for Uber to pick up some extra cash and have light-hearted conversations with strangers, you’re not alone. There are about 100,000 Uber drivers in San Francisco supplementing their income. But after a while, you’ll get a little burned out on the job and your disposition takes a dark turn. What to do?

Uber Drivers Need an Attitude Lift Now and Then

There are some things you can do to keep you on your Uber driving game. To prevent general crankiness and an us against them attitude toward passengers, here are some simple things you can do to keep smiling and enjoying your Uber gig.

Take an Uber

Seriously, take a ride on Uber. The trick is, make sure it is a driver you’ve never met. What this does is put you in the backseat as a passenger. You get to see what the view is like back there and you’ll see some things you like and don’t like about taking an Uber to get somewhere. It’ll give you some fresh ideas on things you’d like to start doing to give your passengers a better experience.

Keep Your Car Maintained

You’re putting on a lot of extra miles and with extra mileage comes more maintenance. It is very tempting to try to save some bucks by skipping oils changes and tire rotations, but don’t fall into that trap. Keep current and you’ll never embarrass yourself by having to sit on the side of the road broken down with a passenger in the back seat.

Take a Break

Every two hours you need to stop to take a break. Go have your favorite coffee and drink it inside the shop. Walk around at your favorite spot with the awesome view. You need to get your blood flowing again and a mental refresh.

Uber’s a Fun Way to Make a Living

All those Uber drivers aren’t wrong, it is fun to do this work for extra cash. But take care of yourself, too, to keep the experience fun.