Automatic transmission fluid does need to be periodically changed, no matter what your car manual might lead you to believe. For the average car, changing the fluid and the filter is a way to ensure your transmission is going to last a good long time. How often, depends on the car and fluid.

Automatic Transmission Fluid

If you do not change the automatic transmission fluid on the regular basis then the fluid will break down over time and not properly do its job. The transmission fluid’s job is to lubricate the gears and reduce the amount of friction inside the transmission. The transmission gets hot from all the friction when it is working, sometimes too hot, and this degrades the fluid over time. So, it is a very good idea to change the fluid and the filter periodically.

How often you need to change the fluid and filter for your transmission depends on the type of fluid that you’re using. When the fluid in your transmission is Dextron II, Toyota T-IV or Honda DW1 fluid then replace it every 30,000 miles. If your fluid is Toyota WS Fluid or if your car has a CVT transmission then change it every 90,000 miles.

Where to Change the Fluid

Technically, like many maintenance tasks, you can do it yourself. Of course, it is recommended that you have an experienced mechanic do this dirty job for you. A mechanic will be able to properly dispose of the fluid and filter, check for mechanical problems you may not have noticed yet, work in a clean environment to avoid getting dirt in the transmission. Plus, the mechanic will recognize a problem by the look of the automatic transmission fluid, tipping him off there is a problem going on. When it is time to change your transmission fluid, give Reliant Auto Repair a call.