California’s Bureau of Automotive Repairs offers a resource to those challenging results of vehicle smog tests or claiming special circumstances in adhering to the state’s vehicle emissions policy.

Bureau of Automotive Repair Referees

The Bureau of Automotive Repairs offers Smog Dispute Referees on a number of community college campuses around the state. These centers offer resources to vehicle owners experiencing a variety of emissions testing issues. One of the most obvious needs is for those whose vehicles were unable to be inspected or were refused inspection at a regular smog testing center. These community college settings often accept oversized vehicles or unusually configured emission systems. This also includes difficult testing for vehicles that have been modified for operation by disabled persons and also vehicles modified for operation with alternative fuel conversion kits. All alternative fuel conversation kits must be address through the Referee program.

These campuses not only address smog emission rates but also measure the volume of emission systems. This measurement is used if a vehicle received a citation for excessive noise. The Referee program can measure the decibel level of the vehicle system and issue a formal declaration of whether the citation is warranted or not.

Finally, this office can also provide a waiver if you’ve already incurred $650 or more in emission repairs by a licensed smog check repair center and still unable to pass inspection. The state provides this one-time waiver only if the vehicle owner proves that the emissions control systems have not been tampered with from their original state.

The Bureau of Automotive Repair provides detailed information about their Referee program at You can also contact them at 800-622-7733 to find your nearest Referee center. At Reliant Auto, we’re always here to answer your emissions questions. Contact us today.