Oh, no, the car AC is not cold! Now that the weather is warming up, you’re going to need your car’s air-conditioning. If it seems like it just isn’t as cold as it used to be, there might be some easy fixes. So, check a few of these items before you run to the auto mechanic.

Car AC Not Cold

Sometimes the car’s AC is not cold because of a blockage that you can clear. So, check around the condenser to make sure there aren’t a bunch of leaves, squirrel nests or bugs blocking the air flow. Clear out anything that shouldn’t be there and try your car’s AC again. If it isn’t getting cold yet, try these other things.

Turn the car on, turn on the AC and then look to see if the cooling fans on the condenser or radiator are running. If they aren’t, you are not going to get cold air. Take your car into your mechanic to find out why the fans are not turning.

Sometimes the car AC is not cold due to a plugged up air filter. Pull out the filter and give it a careful look. If you haven’t had it changed in a long time, put a new one in and test the AC again.

What the Mechanic Checks

If these steps didn’t make a difference, then you should turn it over to your mechanic to check it. He will check the compressor clutch, voltage to the compressor, and hoses, seals and fittings for leaks. Most of these types of checks are not very easy to do at home. By the time you purchase the kits to check everything, you’ve spent far more than you would have paid the mechanic to fix it. So, drop by Reliant Auto Repair and we’ll fix your car AC that is not cold anymore.