When it’s time for spring car cleaning, you might want to use these tips on how to get those windows sparkling clean inside and out. There is nothing worse than having sunset hit and be faced with filmy smears all over your windows and the darker it gets outside the worse they distract you.

Car Cleaning

An old trick that car lots use is to have a nice stack of newspaper for car cleaning. You won’t believe this works until you try it. Crumple up a couple sheets of newspaper and rub it really good all over your windows, inside and out. The newspaper is great for removing cigarette tar from the windows, along with fingerprints and dog slobber. Your car windows will be streak-free and they will still be clean when the sun goes down. Yay!

If the newspaper trick isn’t for you then use a microfiber towel and a window cleaner. But! You need to make sure the window cleaning solution does not contain any ammonia. Ammonia leaves a film behind and that is going to give you a big smeary, streaky mess. With a lot of elbow grease the microfiber and non-ammonia cleaner will do a fine job, but you will probably have to fight some streaking once daylight is gone and you can see them.

Another cleaning solution that is great to use is the same solution you use for cleaning your eyeglasses and computer monitor. The formula is 50% Isopropyl Alcohol and 50% distilled water. Spray it on and wipe it off. You’ll need to put a lot more effort into your car windows than your eyeglasses, but it works like a charm!

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We hope you find our car cleaning tips handy today. Remember to stop by Reliant Auto whenever you need a repair or auto maintenance done.