Car maintenance preventive care offers a perfect gift for you and your family before you hit the road this holiday season. A long drive – often in heavy traffic – can turn minor concerns into major holiday stress. Follow these tips before your journey.

Car Maintenance for Winter

Your holiday car maintenance coincides with winter weather inspections and repairs. Californians may not encounter much winter weather unless heading toward the slopes of Tahoe. However, holiday travel often comes at the start of the rainy season in the Pacific region. That means it’s an excellent idea to check the condition of windshield wipers and defrosting systems before a downpour dampens your holiday spirit. Depending on the car’s typical environment, you should replace wiper blades every six months to a year. Wipers that streak or emit a loud scraping sound typically need to go. This is an inexpensive investment in decreased risk and frustration.

Never procrastinate maintenance on your braking system prior to travel. That small squeal or occasional squeaking can quickly turn into a dangerous liability when exposed to long periods of heavy braking in bumper-to-bumper traffic on holiday drives. This is not a system to leave to chance. It can cause costlier repairs upon your return, but also increase danger for you and your passengers. Your tire condition goes hand-in-hand with your braking system, so inspect your tread and check for any bulges as part of your pre-trip routine.

Finally, pack all repair tools and emergency kits in easily accessible areas. Check the condition of your spare tire and make certain jacks and other tire-change tools are easy to reach.

Car maintenance shouldn’t halt your holiday fun. Come visit us at Reliant before you hit the road and let us make sure your vehicle has a happy holiday ahead!