Diamond Certified is a special program in California that helps the consumer pick the right auto repair shop. Only the best can pass and obtain this certification. But, what do they do exactly to make sure the consumer is going to have a good experience with this certified business?

Diamond Certified

The Diamond Certification is a process done by the nonprofit organization American Ratings Corporation. When a Northern California auto repair shop wants to be certified, this organization will spend weeks finding out whether the company meets their very high standard of customer satisfaction. Their process for Diamond Certification is far more intense than what you find on reviews sites like Yelp.

On the average review site like Yelp, there are always fake reviews you have to sort through to find a review that looks like it might be real. You don’t have that with this Diamond Certified program. What the American Rating Corporation does is call 400 of the auto repair shop’s customers on the phone and asks them specific questions about their experiences with the shop. Those 400 customers are not the cherry-picked ones the owner of the auto repair shop hands over. They are 400 random customers that are selected only by the Diamond Certification program. By speaking to the customer directly on the phone, it encourages the person to be very honest in their replies and to take their time explaining their experience.

Not All Get Certified

The Diamond Certification process also involves checking the auto repair shop’s credentials, insurance policies and licenses. The shop must score in the top 10% in order to be Diamond Certified. This ensures you are working with an auto shop that is licensed and has everything in place to protect their customers. You also know that overall their customers rate their experience with the shop at 90% or more. Reliant Auto Repair is proud to be Diamond Certified and lets their customers know an independent survey agency ensures their customers are well taken care of here.