Back when the Datsun was known by Buy American Die-Hards as “Japanese wind-up cars,” many who owned them, loved them. A little car was a relatively new concept. The Datsun was fast and it could be parked in the most crowded of parking lots. If only you could go back in time and buy another one. Well, you can.

Old Datsun Cars

The Datsun company didn’t just disappear one day. It was Nissan’s brand since the 1930s. But in 1986, Nissan phased out the Datsun brand. And Datsun lovers wept. From then on, it was all Nissan this and Nissan that and nothing like the B210 that could be hated as a Japanese wind-up car. Nissan’s brand was meatier, and had a car that had far better quality control than the American auto manufacturers of the day.

So, how do you get your hands on an old Datsun, so you can drive it while remembering all the fun you had tooling around in it? eBay. Those cars are being sold in the Bay Area right now on eBay. Seriously?! Seriously!

If you take a scroll through the eBay Motors category for original Datsun cars, they are all there for sale, from restored condition to old clunky versions. They have the Z-series, those handy little pickup trucks, the 240, the 210, the 250. There is even an amazing 1969 1600 in beautiful condition. If you want any Datsun, it is probably for sale in the Silicon Valley and listed in eBay Motors.

Where to Fix a Classic Datsun

The mechanics at Reliant Auto Repair would consider it an honor to be able to work on your classic Datsun. Japanese cars are our favorites to work with. Give us a call if you need maintenance or repair for any Japanese make of car. And good luck in your search for that old Datsun you used to run around with.