Your mechanic likely has the talent of a demigod, because, of course, you have your vehicles repaired at Reliant Auto Repair! But, not everyone has a great experience with their mechanic or with their car. It can be so bad that somebody writes a joke about them. Here are some good ones to liven up your day.


Fred drove off from the gas pump again, leaving his gas cap behind. So, he drove his Fiat 500L to the auto repair shop and spoke to his mechanic.
“Hi Bubba. Hey, I want a gas cap for a Fiat 500L,” Fred asked his mechanic.
“Sure,” replied Bubba, “That sounds like a fair trade.”

A Texas rancher was touring Northern California and stopped by a blueberry farm in Mendocino County. After doing the tour, he got to chatting with the farmer that owned the place.
“So, how many acres you got here?” he asked the blueberry farmer.
“We have about 50 acres of blueberries alone and then there are another 50 with mature peach trees and grapes,” proudly replied the farmer.
“That small, huh?” said the Texan. “Back home, I get into my pick up at sunrise and drive until the final light of day. At that point of sunset, I’d still be only half way across my land.”
“Yeah, I used to have a truck like that,” said the farmer.

A blonde got a brand new Jaguar coupe and love it. She drove all day long, seeing the sites around the Bay Area. But she couldn’t get the car to drive at night, so she called the mechanic.
The mechanic stopped by and she explained to him that her new car works wonderfully all day long, but it simply won’t budge at night!
“Are you sure you’re getting the gear shift all the way into the drive position?”
“Of course!” she said to the mechanic, “I put it into D for day and N for night, but the night gear is broken.”