We either love our auto insurance company or detest them. If you are not happy with yours, you should probably check around to see if you can find a better company. We did and we found out there is one company that is rated the highest in customer satisfaction in California.

The Best Auto Insurance Company

JD Powers conducted an auto insurance study in 2019 and 42,759 auto insurance customers responded. The answers from these customers were used to determine the best insurance company for customer satisfaction. The study found that Esurance was the highest ranked insurance company with consumers in California.

This study ranked companies by:

  • Customer interaction
  • Policy offerings
  • Price
  • Billing process and policy information
  • Claims

Generally speaking, JD Powers found that overall, consumers were a lot happier with their auto insurance companies in 2019 than they have been in previous years. The customer satisfaction score is now at a record high of 831 out of 1000. The happiest of customers are the 23% that use a direct to the consumer model.

Consumers are significantly happier when they package their insurance policies together with the insurance company. These happy people will use the same company for their auto, home and life insurance.

One reason people are happier this year is that policy rates are flat-lined, with few increases. In the 2 years prior there were significant increases in rates. People get cranky when their insurance costs rise $100 or more. And there was very little of that in 2019.

About 33% of people with auto insurance are happier when taking control of their auto insurance themselves. They no longer have an agent. So, if you need to find the best auto insurance company, the answer might lie with doing it all yourself. Just order it online and give them a call on the phone.