If your transmission is slipping then bigger trouble is about to arrive soon. Transmissions will start slipping before they break. It is just a matter of time. Know these signs so that you know if you need to get to the auto mechanic quickly to have them fix the minor problem. It is always better to fix a small problem before it does a lot more damage.

Transmission Slipping

If the RPM gauge is frequently going to 3500 or above when the automatic transmission is shifting gears then transmission slipping might be why. Another indicator is the car not allowing you to coast when you take your foot off of the gas pedal. If there is a delay in acceleration then that is also a sign the transmission isn’t working properly.

Inexpensive Fixes

The fix for a transmission slipping might be as simple as adding transmission fluid. If you let it go then the grinding of parts inside the transmission is going to cause a lot of expensive damage. Keep your transmission fluid at its proper level. It isn’t normal to have to keep filing it, however. Have your auto mechanic repair the leak the next time you need an oil change.

Other repairs that might be causing transmission slipping are parts needing an adjustment, replacement of a shift gear or transmission bands needing replacement. Any of those issues are quite inexpensive in comparison to having to rebuild the transmission or replace it. Transmission problems can be very expensive if the first signs of trouble are not properly taken care of in a timely manner. Letting things go will quickly cost a lot of money. If you are noticing some signs of transmission problems, stop by Reliant Auto Repair soon to have the situation addressed.