No one likes to have a transmission issue that is going to cost them the big bucks. Some problems that you’ll have with the transmission are not that serious and others mean it is time to get a new one or have yours rebuilt. Here are some signs as to which are which.


The transmission is in charge of shifting gears. If it doesn’t do that then you are not going to go very far. You might get stuck in one gear or be in neutral going nowhere. Here are some things that happen that may or may not affect your transmission.

Stuck in Neutral

Suppose you’re driving along, you shift in to gear and absolutely nothing happens. There’s a show stopper! You have to coast to the side of the road and call road service for a tow. If there was no indication that anything was wrong prior to this event then it might not be your transmission. You might have just lost your timing belt. That will be expensive, but not like rebuilding a transmission.

Metal Shards in the Transmission Fluid

If you find metal dust or curly metal shavings in the transmission pan after changing its oil then you need to have an auto mechanic take a look at your car right away. Maybe it is just normal wear and tear. But it might be very serious, especially if there is a burned smell.

Gears Slipping in Automatic

This might not be an expensive repair. Possibly just the link that holds the gears together needs to be repaired. Do have it checked out immediately. This is a safety issue.

Reasonable Pricing on Auto Repairs

If you are seeing these issues or other problems with your transmission that are concerning you then call for an appointment to have our certified mechanic take a look at it.