A mechanic can be one of the most significant business relationships in your financial life. It’s also a relationship you shouldn’t wait to establish or investigate until you have a problem. A trusted mechanic saves you money by establishing a preventive maintenance routine that extends the life of your vehicle, avoids costly major repairs and even saves you money at the gas pump.

Signs of a Good Mechanic

Finding a mechanic is like establishing a relationship with most business partners. You look first at their qualifications to do the job you need and then look at individual signs of a good match. As far as qualifications, look for an ASE certification. This certification issued by the National Institute of Automotive Service Excellence requires competency and knowledge testing, as well as skills demonstrated during at least two years of experience. Check also to see if the shop received a AAA Approved Auto Repair (AAR) certificate. Most shops earning this credential typically place a consumer-facing sign advertising their affiliation. For alignment with AAA, a shop must sign quality agreements and subject itself to customer satisfaction monitoring by AAA.

Once you review certifications, visit with a potential mechanic in their shop. Is the shop clean and well-maintained? Do customers appear comfortable and trusting of all explanations? Does the individual or staff frequently work on vehicles similar to your own? What kind of preventive maintenance does the shop recommend? All of these items indicate how comfortable you may or may not be in a future relationship – especially when under the stress of major repairs.

Finding a good mechanic requires as much – if not more – research as when you purchase your car. By placing the same amount of importance on finding someone to take care of your vehicle, you can enjoy your car with peace of mind. Stop by Reliant Auto anytime, so we can get to know each other.